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Grant Moff Tarkin


Belgien 3061 Leefdaal

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Grant Moff Tarkin, that’s us: a six-piece band from Belgium. Julax Johnson screams every demon out of her body, Huddie Rawk tortured already many a guitar to death, Basement C mistreats the bigger snares and DVDecay batters his drums to insanity. Quickless en Jack Pepsi do not appear on stage but complete the band being the photographer and… whatever.

First of all Grant Moff Tarkin is a rock-band. Our music has been described as ‘grunge’, ‘psychedelic garage-rock’ and ‘sixties rock’. We do, however, often leave bas and drums behind, for Huddie and Julax to play some acoustic songs by themselves. One categorizes them in this line-up under ‘folk’, ‘blues’ or ‘singer-songwriter’. For us it’s all the same, there are, after all, worse genres to be associated with.
We write most of our songs ourselves : because we like doing that, just as we enjoy ourselves on stage.

End 2001 we recorded our first electric demo in our own rehearsal room, with the help from Steve D'Hoker (Djinx Audio) : de Passed Out Demo. This was followed by an acoustic live demo in the beginning of 2002 : Live in Vilvoorde, once more recorded by Steve D'Hoker on location. The result was about 30 concerts in 2002, in youth clubs, at small festivals, on contests,… We very much anjoy playing for a larger audience or open for some well-known names such as Gorki and Belgian Associality (Wokrock 2002), Camden (Teutrock 2002) or Halo Venray and Monza (Weitjerock 2002). Off course we also like to be invited for foreign gigs (JH Volta in Amsterdam; Weitjerock in Vlissingen,…).

Early 2003 a new demo-cd On Shaky Grounds We Stand was recorded at the Hype studio (Malines) Dee-J Moens (La Muerte). We like this record, because it gives a good impression of what to expect from a Grant Moff Tarkin-gig. We always play as if it were our last day on earth, with power and dedication. And we’ll do this until we’ve accomplished our mission : remind people of what zeal means in music.

Through the Concours Akoestiek (an Antwerp based contest for acoustic bands) we entered and won the Frappant–contest, i.e. we were elected best band from the district of Antwerp. End 2003 our acoustic cd All Along the Golden Shore was released. After winning a couple of days of studio-time (Demorock, Brussels) we went to the studio (Rockfabriek, Brussels) once more to record our demo-cd Hey Tomorrow! which eventually turned out to be a pre-production-cd for the full album we will record this summer. On April 9th 2005 Age Old Moods, our debut-album, will be released.

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