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Göran started Grande Roses in Duved, northern Sweden, in 2003. He had just made his 4-track porta working again. Because he was a to bad musician to play other people’s songs, he began making his own songs, subsequently referenced as great tunes.

Later that summer Göran would play at a festival in Duved and had scrapped up a few Waylon Jennings hits. All that was missing before the gig was someone to play pedal steel. He was given a number to a guy in Östersund. It turned out that the guy had never played the pedal steel. Göran tried to get him to play bass, but he took a guitar. It was the first time Göran met Johan in Grande Roses. They left the gig behind them and together they recorded a demo with post-apocalyptic rock, was signed to a label, split up and got back together again. Took a long break. Found back to each other again. Got signed by major label. Got kicked out.