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MICHAEL GOLDSMITH (born February 01, 1978, Schwäbisch Hall / Germany) is a rock guitarist / singer based out of Freiburg / Germany.
Michael is the youngest of 3 children, and had many different musical
Influences while growing up, including Metallica, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and later Eric Johnson, Wes Montgomery and Joe Satriani.
He taught himself guitar and began listening to rock extensively.
In the early 1990, Michael formed the Thrash-Metal Band “BLACKEND”, recorded 3 Albums that sold over 18.000 copies worldwide.
At the Age of 20 he started to study Music at the International Music College Freiburg / Germany.
2004 he joined the BERNARD ALLISON GROUP, first as Bernard`s Guitar Tech, later as 2nd Guitar Player in the Band.
So far, he played about 300 shows in the USA / Europe / Asia and Africa with this Group.
The bands latest Album “Live at the Jazzhaus” was recorded in Michael`s Hometown Freiburg/ Germany.
Inbetween Tours Michael works as a music teacher and also as a Studio guitar player, so far he worked for the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis USA, Soundworks-Studio / Eau Claire USA,
Boogie Park Studios in Hamburg / Germany, House of Audio in Karlsdorf / Germany , Neuwerk13-Studios / Lahr / Germany….
In late 2010 Michael startet to record his first Album as a “solo” Artist. The Album is titled “Goldsmythology” and will be released in Summer 2011.

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