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Go For It!

Hardcore Punk, Punk Rock

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"MISANTHROPY" is coming...and at least there are a few who know what we are talking about!

Driven by passion and dedication GO FOR IT! started up in 2008 as a four-piece in the Ruhrpott area.

This is Hardcore for the Punk Rock kids and Punk Rock for the Hardcore kids from the bottom of the heart, getting their inspirations from all that implantated images of a so-called social life.

As GO FOR IT! is sick of societs lies and daily performing prototypes, they are pointing their fingers at dominating political abuse, schisms as a no-go in process of our sceneand wont shove the values down that once was the decisive factor for the sub-culture of Hardcore-Punk.
GO FOR IT! aint into any boundaries of genres and there is really no use to. After releasing the 8-tracks debut mcd "Reading between the front lines" GO FOR IT! played several support shows for bands like YOUTH OF TODAY, TERROR, BOLD, DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR, SPERMBIRDS, TRAPPED UNDER ICE, GRAVE MAKER, 50 LIONS, CARPATHIAN, RUINER, MILES AWAY, FIRST BLOOD, BORN FROM PAIN, STICK TO YOUR GUNS, CONFRONTO, KNUCKLEDUST, ARKANGEL just to name a few.

"Misanthropy" is the second album of GO FOR IT! and will be released in February 2013 (DISTRCIT 763 and RISE OR RUST RECORDS) after first sold-out release "Reading between the front lines".
It will contain 14 tracks full of passion, dedication and misanthropy. GO FOR IT! teamed up with Cindy can der Heijden (ALL FOR NOTHING) and Bud (SETTLE THE SCORE) and recorded 2 songs with the charismatic voice of both singers.

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