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Get Your Gun

Stoner (Desert Rock), Blues, Psychedelic Rock
Desert Blues

Dänemark  Aalborg

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Get Your Gun is a Danish underground act formed in 2008 consisting of the brothers Andreas and Simon Westmark and Søren Nørgaard.

In January 2012, the trio released a single 7”, Death Rattle B/W Ghost of Scandinavia which was followed up by the release of a 4-track EP in June. In November the song ”Staying For A While” will be out as part of The Reverb Conspiracy – a 2x12” vinyl compilation of European underground music.
The compilation includes bands like Dead Skeletons and is released on Fuzz Club Records and The Reverberation Appreciation Society (producers of Austin Psych Fest)

Get Your Gun has been touring in Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Estonia and played at festivals such as Tallinn Music Week and SPOT Festival. The band is playing shows in Russia and Estonia this fall and has just been announced as part of the Rencontres Trans Musicales 2012.

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