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Garden of Grief

Black Metal, Dark Ambient

Österreich 4202 Hellmonsödt

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Garden of Grief is a one-man-project by Boronian Sturmfels. The idea to start another project besides Winterblast rose up during the Summer of 2008. Back then the concept included session memebers for guitars and bass. That plan was ommited early in 2009 when the decision to work alone was made. Of course the newly achieved guitar skills were not sufficient for recording the songs that had already been written to be played by session members, so a set of new songs had to be written.

Soon the idea to release an album developed. Songs were quickly recorded with the equipment that was at hand - a small marshall bass amp and a mixer. It took about four month to learn and record all the songs needed for the first release which was finally produced in September 2009. "Of Shattered Dreams and Nostalgic Melancholy" was released on the 11th of September on CD, limited to 200 copies.

Since then, Garden of Grief has changed in style and quality. With the second release "Novembernebel" there was a big ambient part added to the project. Not only raw depressive black metal but also atmospheric tracks without vocals and guitars can be heard from Garden of Grief.

Garden of Grief is first of all a studio project. Maybe there will be some shows in the future but ot is not part of the concept which is the project. Nevertheless, preparations are already made to make live shows possible some day...

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