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Singer / Songwriter

USA  New York

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Demosong: SoundCloud

Matthew Daniel Siskin began writing songs as Gambles in August 2012 with no goal or motive other than the past few years needed addressing; things that had gone unsaid for too long needed saying.

Gambles is people & music; boiled down, pressed dry, sliced thin, and left to dry. Although It`s clear for Matthew, Gambles is also everything, a life-saving perspective on events demanding to be acknowledged, registered, declared and, when ready, left.

Proselytized by Life or Death PR (Frank Ocean, Best Coast, Little Dragon), booked by High Road Touring, Gambles has drawn the attention of Pitchfork, The Fader, Elle, Spin, Stereogum and more, all before having officially released music. "Far From Your Arms" the highly anticipated EP is the bold lead into the full length album debut coming Fall 2013.

Gambles will tour stateside and in the UK through the remainder of the year.