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Frida Sundemo

Synthie Pop, Electro Pop

Schweden  Göteborg

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Demosong: SoundCloud

Frida Sundemo is not from outer space. Didn`t have a broken childhood. Has not wasted all her savings on drugs.
Frida is from Gothenburg, Sweden. She recently paused her medicine studies.
She is breathing music. Writing, playing and singing it.
A beautiful musical force of nature.

As you might know; some people has it, some people don`t.
Frida gives birth to melodies you have never heard before. Words never been sung.
She is gifted with an airy voice that burrows all the way into your bones. Whether you like it or not.
She handles the guitar as if it were a part of her body.

Together with her producer Joel Humlén, she has found a new way of creating music.
Undefinable pearls of pop. Easy to receive, hard to forget, wrapped with love.

The future is already here for Frida Sundemo.
She is waiting for you in your ears.