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Irish Folk

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Fleadh, in it`s present line up was formed at the end of 2007. The original band goes back as far as 1999 and the only remaining founder of that era is Uilleann Pipes player Frank Weber. Frank Dürschner (mandolin, banjo, vocals) and Tommy Gorny (guitar, vocals) are other long standing members. With the recruitment of vocalists Anna Hachulla and Saoirse Mhór and fiddle player Marcus Eichenlaub they recieved the needed `breath of fresh air` to move the band forward. The two Franks and Marcus are avid sessionists, regularly playing in the many Irish Pubs around the Pfalz area. Regular visits to Ireland keep them constantly in superb playing form. Fleadh seek to combine this section of the band with the vocalist/singer approach of Anna and Saoirse. Anna brings vast experience as she is also the current guest singer of Dhalia’s Lane, the well known German/ Irish Folk Band constantly playing around Germany. Saoirse gets around Germany too - busking on the streets and at Street Artist Festivals in major German cities. Tommy is the heartbeating drive on guitar in Fleadh. Intricate detailed arrangements and pulsating rhythm weaving through jigs, reels and songs. Tommy is also a well weathered musician known for his playing with the band Space Debris.

Working as an Irish Folk Band Fleadh do not wish to leave the path for Middle Age Music or the all too eminent Acid / Punk / Neo Folk. Fleadh want to retain the respect for Irish music and yet seek to mix styles and ryhthm but still stay within the boundaries of Folk. Singing and playing. That’s Fleadh!

Add Fleadh to your Festival, Concert or Cultural evening and get your piece of Ireland!

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