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"The Hague’s FilosofischeStilte, aka Luuk Graham started making music because of a love of rap, but soon outgrew singing over his own beats and stuck to sculpting sound instead. Now, two years after first starting, he has built a reputation as someone who works a lot with Commodore 64 and Nintendo sounds, transforming them into something new, resulting in arpeggios, sparkling synths, fat bass and digital dirt with its own personality.
“It’s essential for me that my beats, melody and atmospheres make a strong impression” says the man who lists influences as diverse as UK Garage, UK bass, hip hop and people like Mount Kimbie, Shlohmo and Starkey. And he must be doing something right, because DJ Broadcast Magazine picked him out as one of the most promising artists of 2013

To date he has taken his eclectic mix of hip-hop, skwee, abstract beats and retro-futuristic synth science to clubs like PIP, Paard Van Troje, Sugarfactory and Germany’s The Monarch. But he is not a DJ, he is a live act, and one who plays sets on a Roland SP404SX, editing tracks live with the FXs that are on the Roland SP404SX.

If you wonder where his name comes from (translated as Philosofical Silence), it’s because Luuk’s parents think he`s the philosopher of the family. “I always had questions to which there were no answers. The Silence part of my name comes from the fact that I don’t talk too much.”

He might not talk too much but his music speaks volumes. Releases have already come in the form of a Golden Tooth EP (Lowriders Recordings), Beatjecualtion Beattape (self released), Ill Chronicles EP(Frieteboerism) and a new EP on Lowriders, Poly, recently confirmed FilosofischeStilte has a voice all his own."

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