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It was back in march 2005, on the Moselle-River, Luxembourg East coast, when I decided to found a punk-rock band with some other bored kids.

That`s how Fehl - Tritt was born. The name was there already, but we still needed at least a bassist and a drummer for this project. And somehow they did slip in, one after another. It was at the same time Alex with his rusty trumpet and special jumps on stage and Donno with his know-how in switching on and off my guitar amp and who kept telling me that I should buy a sixth string, who later became our bassist. All that together completed the band.
So by now Fehl - Tritt was complete.

Fehltritt in German means something like a `fauxpas` in French or `lapse / slip` in English. The idea behind this name was that I thought that I had to show our society its own `fauxpas` via our songs. And still today, this idea is one of the main reasons why this band lives.

And yes, ignoring the strict rules of the Deutsche Sprache in spelling the band`s name FEHL - TRITT lets it look like even more punk, haha ;-)

After having played quite a lot of shows in and around Luxembourg in those very early years, some of the members left the band. Sad moments of silence followed ... but not for too long.

After 2008 the band changed quite a bit. New members, new challenges.... lots of gigs. But as life can tell you, nothing lasts forever, everybody comes and goes. So after being stable until 2013, Fehl - Tritt shrank to the size of 3 lonely punk-rockers.

2014 was dedicated to writing new songs and finding new members. Luckily that year passed by quick enough.

Then in 2015, Hannes and Patrick joined us, refreshing the band`s music.

Right now, we`rerecording our first album that will be released in february/march 2016.

After 10 years, Fehl - Tritt still is an anti racist, anti fascist, anti sexist punk-rock band singing in 5 different languages.

Fehl - Tritt is:
Alex: Trumpet & backing vocals
Donno: Bass & backing vocals
Hannes: Guitar
Patrick: Drums
Dan: Guitar & Vocals

Stay punk in your hearts,

Fehl - Tritt

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