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Fast Crash

Rock, Metal

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History of Fast Crash

Fast Crash was founded in 1990 in the Ruhr-area in Germany. In the first years the band recorded some tapes and got some little success in the Ruhr-area. Local radio stations and djs played songs of Fast Crash in their shows. Over the years the parts on bass, guitar and drums were steady, but not the part of the lead singer. In 5 years the band kicked 7 singers out. After the kick out of the last front man, guitar player Ron entered the mic and for that day the band was complete.

”He can’t sing and play the guitar... but I can!” said Sex Pistols-fan Ron about Steve Jones.

1997 the first Album left the charge, called "The whole truth“and it was a big success. After 2 years touring with that album the band started to record a new "One" which was released in 2000 called "The boys are back". New album released. New tour was planned. But after a few gigs the group split. ”Too much too soon”, was the answer. After a break of 4 month Ron built up a new Fast Crash team and went on . In spring 2002 the next big crash was pre-programmed. After senseless discussions about money, lights, tracks, guitars and other shit Ron finished the group.

Ron took a break over a year without playing his guitar at any time. He was pissed of this business, so he decided to sell all his guitars. He sold them all except his early 70 all time favorite “Tokai gold top-Les Paul”. He hung it over his fire-place to remember good old days. On a rainy winter day Ron took off his wall-arrested friend (for 2 years) tuned the guitar and plugged in. So what else can we say? The boy (and his golden friend) was back!!! From that day on they rocked together every day and Ron wrote over 20 songs in 8 weeks. In a session with „M“, the son of drums said: “Dad get your fuckin ass up and we base again Fast Crash but this time we do it correct.” The next day god send Alex .He came in our session-room and said: “I think you need a bass-player. Here I am!” Ron remembered his “old times” friend "Big Daddy D" - also known as “Dita von Prothese”- and after a phone call he was rockin with the boys.

That all happened at the end of 2005 and the band is still alive. No changes in 3years shows that the line-up is really better than it was before!!!

A new album, called “burn the house down”, will be release in the last quarter of 2008!

keep on rockin...


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