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Falling Breakdown

Nu Metal, Crossover

Deutschland 38300 Wolfenbüttel

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That is Falling BreakDown, a young band from Niedersachsen/Wolfenbüttel! After a whole bunch of trying out and mixing up these guys have at last found together to finally say: That`s how it is, and that`s how it stays, `cause it matches! With their music these guys respond to the latest topics being somewhat ironic and direct. Topics like the war, the destroying of the Earth, and the resulting hatred on those who are responsible for having to talk about it!

But also personal things that happen to oneself... because everybody has something to tell. The band has only been existing for a short period of time but is hoping to reach a majority of the people in the long run.

Every song is worked on with extensive intensity until it finally fits. That is the most important point, and that it will be!

We`re still at t

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