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Indie Pop
Dream-Pop, Twee-Pop

Italien  Bari


Fabryka is a band from Bari (Italy), formed by Tiziana Felle (singer), Stefano Milella (drums and electronics), RaffaeLe Stellacci (piano and synth), Agostino Scaranello (bass/baritone guitar), and Alessandro Semisa (guitar).
The band releases its first ep Testing Toys (Dharmasound) IN 2006, to debut later with its LP, Istantanea (2009/Godz), both albums characterized by a distinctive indietronic sound.
Actually Fabryka`s music combines acoustic and electric sounds, melancholic and romantic melodies, dreamy mood, expanded and energetic rhythms, drowning its roots in the world of indipendent folk rock and international pop. The new EP is called “5 Days” (2012 - Faro Records/Snowy Peach),
Today Fabryka are working for the second official album, after the most important italian live show: “Primo Maggio” in Rome and Sziget Festival (Budapest).
The band played in several music shows, and abreast of big names like: Matmos, Goldie, Gotan Project, Murcof, Tiga, Timo Maas, Carla Bozulich and Patti Smith.

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