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Eye Emma Jedi

Indie-Rock, Indie Pop

Norwegen  Oslo

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Demosong: SoundCloud

Hailing from the glacial landscapes of Norway, Alexander Pavelich and Andrew Murray are the duo behind galactic indie rock outfit Eye Emma Jedi. Armed with invigorating guitars, shimmering pop melodies and dreamy soundscapes, this band`s highly energetic live act is not to be missed.

Having played over 50 gigs across Norway, Germany and the UK within their first year of touring, Eye Emma Jedi accumulated 50 weeks of airplay at Norway`s biggest radio station, NRK P3. Their singles have received frequent rotation at Amazing Radio, Kerrang! Radio, XFM, stations across Europe, as well as raiding college radios all over the US.

After playing live as a five-piece, Eye Emma Jedi reverted to their initial duo-state in November 2012 to record their first album. Alex and Andrew put all their equipment on a truck to Spain, making a home studio in the small village of Monda. They`ve spent 100 days in solitude producing and recording their debut album, due for release in early 2014.

The band will be releasing an EP in October, showcasing new material from the Spanish escape.

Tracklisting - `88 EP
1. `88
2. Places
3. Banshee
4. Too Late Too Soon.

`88 is Eye Emma Jedi`s upcoming single.

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