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Eternal Lies was formed in the winter of 1998 by guitarist Björn Johansson and drummer Conny Pettersson in Varberg, Sweden. Another guitarist Jocke Ludwigson also joined the band early in 1999. In search for a vocalist there was really just one guy that came to mind, the extremely brutal death metal vocalist Tommy Grönberg (since Fatal Embrace was no more). And Tommy joined us the summer of 1999. (Fatal Embrace recorded two albums on Candle light. The first album "Shadowsoul´s garden" was released in 1997 but because of an ownerchange at Candlelight the second album was never released).

Now it was just a bassplayer missing, and a very talented bass player

Foto (c) by Eternal Lies

named Martin Karlsson was a quite obvious choice due to his way of playing. He had played bass for many years with a heavy metal band called PARAZITE (did two albums between 1994 and 1997) and also recorded "Mirrorworlds", an album with EUCHARIST released by WAR in 1997. Martin Karlsson joined in the end of the same year. Eternal Lies began to prepare for a demo recording.
Early in the year 2000 an attempt was made to record at the media center in Varberg but after the recording was done and it was time to mix, the producer suddenly disappeared!!?? It was a quite bad studio after all and maybe it was for the best. That summer Jocke left Eternal Lies.

In December 2000 we finally recorded our first demo in STUDIOMEGA. The result was superb, and the demo got very much attention, and got to be the best demo of the August-September issue in Scandinavias biggest metal magazine "CLOSE-UP". In Oktober 2001 ETERNAL LIES signed a record deal with ARCTIC MUSIC GROUP in Florida for four albums. Our debut album "Spiritual deception" was recorded winter 2001 in Studiomega, with the result just as good as the demo. And "Spiritual deception" came third on the soundcheck in close-up summer 2002.

During springtime in 2002 Martin Karlsson began considering to leave the band, his reason was that he didn´t have the ambitions he used to have and that Eternal Lies was better of with a more hungry bass player than him, but that he would stick around until we had found a replacer. We thank Martin for his time in the band, and his incredible bass playing on "Spiritual deception". It was a pleasure working with you man, cheerz!!!

But it didn't take long to find a replacer. We asked Marcus Wesslén from Aggressive serpent to join. And so he did. We also needed a second guitarist for the band and at the same time we asked Erik Månsson, also from Aggressive serpent, and he joined Eternal Lies.

In September 2002 our debut album was released.

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