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Eternal Delyria

Melodic Death Metal

Schweiz  Lugano, Ticino

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Eternal Delyria are a melodic death metal band from Ticino (Switzerland), founded in the summer of 2011. In 2014 they released with the old formation their EP, DELIRIUM, and published their first official videoclip, “Wake Up”. During the same period they changed bass player completing the current line up: Alex (drums), Tim (bass), Clod (keyboards and backing vocals), Fot (guitar), Nyx (guitar) & LuTz (vocals).

On June 2016 they published their second videoclip, “Chasing Shadows”, single of their first full-lenght, LETTING GO OF HUMANITY, released in the same month just before playing at Metal Frenzy, a german festival where they opened to bands as Melechesh, Dark Tranquillity and Decapitated.
On October 2016 they also published their third video, “Eradication Of Solitude And Despair”.

In 2017 they participated at Wacken Metal Battle Switzerland achieving a place at the finals. At the same time “Chaos Over Switzerland Tour”, their first national tour, started.
The band is currently working on new songs.