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ENDSTAND has built a strong reputation around punk/hardcore scenes areound the world. The band is best known in Europe, thanks to seven European tours made so far and there's more to come. Here's a fine example of the band who've slowly but surely gained a wide scale following with hard work and dedication. With around 350 shows done, of which over half are outside of their home country, Endstand has become one of the better known and highly respected band in underground.

The story of the band started in early 96 when four smalltown guys got fed up being unemployed and having nothing to do. The guys (Mika - guitar, Joel - bass, Jani - drums & Janne - vocals) rehearsed almost every day getting their act together very soon and after being together six months they did their first shows and have been playing all around Europe ever since. Endstand's energetic live shows are what they're best known, you shouldn't miss them when they come around...

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