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Hardcore Punk

Deutschland 95100 Selb, Hof, Plauen


End All Plans started in the end of 2004 when five guys tried to create their own rough, heartfelt and expressive Sound. In the beginning of 2005 we recorded a 7 songs / full length album which never was released. A year later, two of our members were suddenly dissatisfied with the sound we established in a way that they decieded to leave the combo. After those few changes in the lineup we finally found our form in april 2006.
Now End All Plans is: Arzi (Bass), Flo (Guitar) from Selbcity, Karsten (Vocals), Dave (Vocals) from Hof, Thomas (Guitar) and Steffen (Drums) from Plauen.
With the new members our musical approach changed a bit into something more aggressive, passionate and moshing. Considering our various influences including everything from Metal, Hardcore, Punk to even Jazz and Funk stuff we are now playing a style of music which fits to everyone in the Band. Our songs deal with topics everyone has to face with in everyday life. Things like politic, moral, ethic and emotional issues, hope and dreams and the difficulties in life we have to cope width.

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