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Ella vs Mountain

Indie Pop, Folk
Indi folk Pop

Israel  Tel Aviv


Ella has long since stopped apologizing for descending from her sheltered Galilee Mountain beginnings into the real world. Moreover, she and has maintained her claim for innocence. It is this beautifully paradoxical relationship between the girl and the Mountain that creates these powerful lyrics and alluring melodies.

In Israel Ella Doron is sort of omnipresent. She recorded two albums and an EP with the Trance band Intersys, toured as a background vocalist for Israeli Rock star Mosh Ben Ari and sung in numerous commercials, children TV programs and animated series. After all this she is now dedicated to her solo project Ella vs Mountain. The name is a reference to her origin, as Doron hails from a small mountain in the Israeli region Galilee. As a result her music is characterised by a kind of innocence. Ella’s warm voice is accompanied by Acoustic-Pop, which she beds in with synthesizers, electronic influences and jazzy elements. It pays off to listen closely though, because the pretty singer is quite bold when it comes to her lyrics. Behind the sweet surface, they are socially aware and very thought provoking.

She has been touring Israel with her band throughout 2012-13, touring the UK and Poland March- June 2013 and will be performing in the upcoming Reeperbahn festival in Hamburg this September.

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