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Electric Barbarian

Nu Jazz, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop

Niederlande  Groningen

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Electric Barbarian is the group that Floris Vermeulen created in the year 2000.

The pace for this band was set at the impro festival ‘Les Trois Jours’ where Electric Barbarian worked with French trumpet player Serge Adam and Tony Buck on drums.

Since then the band performed in venues all over Europe a.o.: Banlieues Bleues (Paris), Lowlands (Biddinghuizen), Auditorium (Rome) live for Radio Rai3, Cankarjev Dom (Ljubljana), Paradiso (Amsterdam) and Kunstencentrum Vooruit (Gent).

BART MARIS - trumpet + effects
DJ GRAZZHOPPA - turntables
FLORIS VERMEULEN - electric bass

The Brazilian poet LUANDA CASELLA performs as a special guest with Electric Barbarian. Luanda Casella is a performer, a writer and most of all a story teller. She uses both rhythm and tonality of words to create a sound atmosphere. No matter the language, a story is told. The poet from Sao Paulo is featured on three tracks of the new album: "Minirock from the Sun".
Her poems are reflecting every day thoughts
and situations in an abstract way. She is a virtuoso in the performance of spoken word with an astonishing flow.

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