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Deutschland 78 Konstanz, Friedrichshafen


“ Edgecrusher is mixing Slayer with Testament, marrying old Metallica with Machine Head, melting Kreator
with Nevermore ...” (</b>
“ An intelligent mixture of classic Testament, Slayer and catchy melodies in conjunction with the characteristic
voice of singer and band leader Igor ... an unique sound ...” (</b>
“Edgecrusher succeeded with this album making a hot mixture of sharp catchy melodies, awesome groove, great
solos and an excellent singing, including deep growls up to great clean singing. Edgecrusher is a very hot tip and
I´m sure a great future is waiting for them.” 10 / 10 points (</b>

Edgecrusher was founded by vocalist Igor in march 2002. After doing its first footsteps the band grew to
an unity and had just one member being exchanged within two years.
Every single member was experiencing music in other bands before they were involved in Edgecrusher.
The sound of Edgecrusher is kind of difficult to describe but you can hear the band´s favourites and in-
fluences in every song. A little bit of Bay Area Thrash, some elements of traditional Heavy Metal, some
melodic Death Metal fragments and the result is an unique sound. Due to the fact the band is situated
in the very south of Germany, at the Lake Of Constance, we call our stile “Lake Area Thrash Metal”.
Be our guest and make your own mind while listening to our music.

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