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East Cameron Folkcore

Folk, Punk

USA  Austin


In the heavily over-saturated music scene of Austin, TX, a community of musicians formed in one North East neighborhood. Born from fire, raised on whiskey, and bonded by life, love and music, East Cameron Folkcore (ECF) is a collection of individual artists working for a common goal: to create music that resonates, that tells stories, and that speaks the truth. This 11-piece (or oftentimes more) band delivers songs of substance for the downtrodden and misunderstood outsiders of society. ECF performs authentic, American music at its most raw and simple definition: a blend of wide-ranging sounds combining folk, blues, rock, country, jazz, bluegrass and punk that articulates the varied background and influences of all the players. It is a sound that is as familiar as it is totally new to the ears, and it is all their own.

In 2011, ECF released their debut LP, "Sound & Fury: Songs in the Key of Love and Death," which nabbed them Album of the Year in the Austin Chronicle`s 2011 Critics Poll. In March of 2012, ECF was selected as an official artist of the SXSW Music Festival and built on that momentum by releasing "The Sun Also Rises" EP in May of that year. Though recorded at Sun Studios during the same sessions as the collective`s more somber debut, this EP offered the fast-paced, chaotic energy that has become synonymous with the band`s live performances.

After capping off their tour in support of "The Sun Also Rises" with Free Press Summer Fest in Houston, ECF returned to the studio in the summer of 2012 with a blank canvas and came out with a record that is sonically and lyrically groundbreaking. Drawing heavy influence from self-introspection and the social and political upheaval that is brooding in the underbelly of the outskirts that is the underground of America, FOR SALE exposes a matured subject matter and writing style from multiple members, all layered through complex instrumentation and arrangements. FOR SALE focuses on the lamentations and struggles of all the members, who, though growing older, still find themselves crippled by student loan debts, a choking economy, and a society and government that continuously labels them as outcasts.

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