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Pop, Rock, Power Pop

Spanien  Barcelona

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If you want it... I`ll be intensive and I`ll be with you... every moment of your life.
If you want it... and I believe you do.
My name is?... don`t know... and knowing how many names there are... I`m like this...
Maybe my four inspirations joined together are evident, but I`m like this... direct and above all happy.
Happy to make your life somewhat easier and make you dream in the small world in which I live... in which you live, when you let me whisper in your ear, when you let me take you to a time that was ours and where we came back to live it... to relive it.

Dunno emerges from the motivation of four young music fans. Barcelona-based and strongly influenced by the essencial decades of pop and rock, they start an endless path.
Each one of them contributes his creative and spontaneous talent to their music. Natural, sensitive and humble, they use their music to transmit their inner feelings so that those mortals and immortals enhance their optimism and sensitivity towards the perfect imperfection.
Maybe this is their purpose, being happy, express in all senses everything that surrounds them and transmit it by means of their music.
Dunno will open that long forgotten door that few have opened yet, and they will surely open it with the same harmony and passion with which they transmit their little histories... their feelings.

Feelings by means of music... by means of songs... by means of melodies. That simple. That direct.

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