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Dunne Weekly

Folk, Singer / Songwriter

Deutschland 20 Hamburg

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Demosong: SoundCloud

Why I make music: I love writing songs, I love being on stage, I want to entertain. I also need to make a living.

Most of all, though, I try to make music for you. That is, I try to make the music you would make if you had the time. Say the things you`d say.

When I am on stage, it’s not so much about telling the audience something they don’t know about me or about the world. It’s more about voicing something the audience already knows or feels, but does not have the leisure to actually spell out.

When I succeed in this, there is a brief moment in which our isolation gives way. Or if we are still isolated, we know that everybody else is as well. We`re in this together. And it’s OK.

I hope at least one of my songs does that for you. Gives you the words for something you feel in your heart is true. If so, let me know. It’s my only way of knowing whether or not I accomplished anything.

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