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Doping the Void

Rock, Punk

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In 1921, famous psychologist Sigmund Freud had a dream that 3 sight challenged, black haired, whisky drinkers would meet in Munich, Germany in 2007 and form a band that would crush skulls. This band would be called Doping the Void. He also wrote some other shit, but that doesn`t matter. J.Nearsight met P.Retina at the offices of eminent eye doctor Captain Spankalicious and decided to form a band. Realizing that they needed someone to beat the shit out of some drums they went to the local insane asylum and pulled T.Horn-Rim away from banging on some garbage cans. Presto: Doping the Void was formed thereby bringing the dreamy prophecy of Dr. Freud to completion. Doping the Void is louder, stronger, and more blind than you. Rock, Punk, Metal, Punk-Rock, Metal-Punk, Rock-Metal...Doping the Void can play all forms of music. Blind, Loud and Ugly!!!

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