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Djerv are finally back releasing their first new music in almost a decade! After some tough years for the front figure Agnete, Djerv are stronger than ever reclaiming their Throne as one of the best heavy bands out of Norway. “Throne” is dangerously catchy and aggressive rock, with lyrics touching upon an important subject for the band: “Throne is about fighting yourselves, your mind, and reclaiming control of your life.”

After a six-year-long hibernation, Djerv are fully recharged and ready to take off to new heights. “Throne” is carrying forward the sound of which they became known, and at the same time bridging them towards a more defined rock-sound. “We wanted to try out something a bit different, something a bit more up-tempo and simpler. Not over-thinking it too much.” Erlend (drums) states.

The fans have been waiting patiently, welcoming Djerv warmly as the news began to spread about their live comeback last year. But the good news for their loyal fans doesn’t stop there: 2020 sees at least 2 more singles and video releases, and an album is also in the making.

“We don’t have a set release date for a new album yet. As things are now we just have to take it song by song. But that`s quite interesting and it makes it easier to focus. The task in front of you is not too unachievable, as I feel an album would be at this point. Baby steps.” Agnete smiles. “A good thing about it is that we can release music more often, which I really look forward to. It will enable us to take songs on the road faster, and people will have the chance to know them.” Erlend comments.

Live shows are also coming up for the band, and last year they returned to the stage for the first time in 6 years with successful appearances on Tons Of Rock Festival, Norway Rock Festival and Malakoff Rock Festival amongst others. Obviously 2020 festivals and club-shows are mostly postponed but if everything goes as they hope they will be back on the road early 2021, also adding some new treats for the audience.

“I`ve decided I wanted to play some songs I wrote while in Animal Alpha.” Agnete says. “I`ve missed the music and the character I made for that band, and I can`t wait to unleash that part of me on stage again”.

The band might also perform the YouTube-hit Agnete did for the game League Of Legends; “Get Jinxed”. But first and foremost, it will be about new Djerv music and a brand-new live show.

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