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Diva Scarlet


Italien  Bologna

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Diva Scarlet project was born in 2001 in Bologna from the ashes of the old group (the Skummer) who has played more than 200 gigs and which published a three pieces mini EP.
The first album, "Apparenze" (Apparences) has be released in july 2004 with Mescal collecting positive reviews from Italian music press. (Mucchio selvaggio, Venerdì di Repubblica, Rockit, Mescalina etc...).
"Apparenze" tour covered almost the biggest Italian rock club and some of the most important Italian music festival like Independent Rock Festival and Tora!Tora! Festival; the band shared the stage with many of the most important artists in the Italian alternative rock scene: Afterhours, Marlene Kuntz, Cristina Donà, Subsonica, Morgan and Massimo Volume and also international artists like The Vines.
The Diva Scarlet`s live is essential and powerful, with a classic line up: drum, bass, two guitars and a voice; their precious sound, with italian lyrics and melodies are been very appreciated by the pubblic and the critics.
The band has also partecipated to some TV (Rock Tv, Roxy Bar) and Radio transmissions.
"Apparenze" tour stopped in 2006, when the group has began to work at the second album, with the artistic producer Giulio Ragno Favero.
The album was recorded in February 2007, with the collaboration of many artists like Giulio Ragno Favero and Moltheni

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