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DISRUPTED started back in 2001 in Oldenburg/Germany, where four guys felt the need to celebrate devastating, groovy Metalcore. These guys were Nick Hespe (bass/vocals), Malte Scharf (guitar), Johannes Meyerholt (guitar) and Sebastian Bösche (drums).
Presenting their thrash/nu-metal-like sound of that time, they hit the stage in Oldenburg two times in 2002.

A few months later, Sebastian had an accident, which destroyed further live plans. Half a year of rehearsing followed until Sebastian almost had his old punch back. In summer of 2003, DISRUPTED and Nick saw their ways part due to musical differences.

Johannes took on vocals, new bass-guitarist Götz joined the band in September of 2003. All the changes also left their traces in DISRUPTED's music. Old influences like Deftones, Slayer, Pantera & Machine Head are now joined by new nuances that remind you of Will Haven or even Dissection.

In Summer of 2004, Sebastian Lein left the band because of professional reasons. The Band signed with TTS Media Music and will record their upcoming debut album as a three-piece. For their live shows they will be joined by a session bass player

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