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DISARRAY merges individual influences from Rock, Punk, Metal, Thrash and Hardcore to a diversified entity. The musical focus is catchy grooves, a powerfully-aggressive voice which are supported by driving guitars.

DISARRAY was formed 1991 in SIEGEN, Germany. One year later – 1992 - the band released their 4 Track Demo Tape “OUTBURST OF RAGE”, a Speed/Thrash Metal grenade which was positively evaluated by many underground magazines and sold more than 3000 times.

In 1993, the Promo Tape "A CASCET” and 1994, the third Tape" TRAGIC CAUSE” was released. During this time DISARRAY played numerous of live gigs and the band got national notoriety.

In early 1995 DISARRAY released their fist Promo CD "SCROUGER". The indigenous production and the 6 performed Thash-Core granades on the record gave the band a helping hand to play regular live performances and a club tour. Gigs in other European countries, as well as positive reviewers in uge German Metal Magazines (Rock Hard 12/96 - 7.5 points) followed.

In 1998, the last and so far most successful second Promo CD "FREE?" was released. On this record DISARRAY replaced their old vocalist Michael. Alex, one of the founding members replaced Michael the vocals. The “FREE Record” showed DISARRAY in top form and allowed them to play more numerous live gigs across Europe. With the Song "Trip into my Mind" also published 1998 on the "FREE Record" one the most famous Rock Magazines “Hard Rock” released 1999 the CD Complication “Best Bands without Deal”. This release pushed DISARRAY forward again. Various conversations with record labels followed.

After several line up changes between 2000 and 2002 the band initially broke up 2002.

Current Trends 2008 ! Come Back!

DISARRAY is currently writing new songs and a new record will be released in February 2009 !

The first new Song "PAINFUL TRUTH" is available on their Webside:

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