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Dynamite! Magazine, Issue 03/2013:

What the band delivers here really raises one’s spirits. The opener “Burn The Place To The Ground” already gets going. The band plays country with bluegrass influences and the proper amount of energy. The boys cheerfully jump over genre limits whatsoever and focus on the bare essentials, the music. (…)
“The Dinosaur Truckers” is a great album that every country fan who’s able to see the bigger picture should listen to!

SLAM Magazine # 68:

When it comes to roots music these four guys from Bavaria are actually Germany’s ultimate. The Dinosaur Truckers are not only great songwriters, they’re also equipped with a tremendously authentic lead singer.

“Mendigos Armados Theme” could as well be the soundtrack for the next Tarantino western homage. The instrumental track combines many features of The Dinosaur Truckers: The western mood, the mixture of country, hillbilly and the certain gloom, which – not unusual in this genre – sways over the songs like desert dust over an abandoned wild west town. The same is true of the whole album which at times sounds as if Nick Cave would have put a Dylan song into an americana outfit.

This is fairly angry music, but not from a lack of intelligence, and not at the expense of playing or singing pretty when the sentiment turns that way. At nearly every turn, you are surprised at how tuned the Truckers’ ears are to the English language, to American roots music, and how smart this music is. (…)
As I rummage deep into this album, I fail to find any reason to give it anything else than a top rating. German or not, The Dinosaur Truckers give up nothing to their cross-ocean string band brethren, and maybe could even teach a thing or two to some of the awful punk-gone-country string bands who bring the energy and anger, but not the songwriting and attention to detail. The Dinosaur Truckers are the full package.

The Dinosaur Truckers are certainly not out to imitate, but to lead. The sound on this album combines influences from Calypso, Bluegrass, Roots, Folk, Blues and so much more. These guys can play fast, but are not out to blow you away simply with speed. The magic is in the songwriting. (…)
With this release, the Dinosaur truckers will have no problem escaping comparisons to any other band. They mix so many elements of music and sounds, that no one can possibly do the same so authentically. Keep your eyes peeled for these guys, because they will tear you apart at the seams.

That’s the way country should be played these days: Rooted in tradition but with a modern attitude and integrating other musical styles – just as considerable country artists have always developed country music by assimilating a wide range of influences. Appeals of surf music, irish folk rock, bluegrass, hillbilly, rockabilly, punk and so on can be found. (…)
A must have for any country fan, yet also recommended to anyone who doesn’t mind crossing genre limits.

Anyone who is still in search of a good americana/hillbilly band should get this record. Armed with guitar, banjo, mandolin and upright bass the four young bavarians present 13 songs in a class of their own! Sometimes extremely fast and danceable, at other times slow and moody. (…)
A must have for americana and bluegrass lovers!

One of the most satisfying records in the “underground country” vein so far this year isn’t even from this country. I’m talking about the self-titled album by The Dinosaur Truckers, a (mostly) acoustic quartet from Germany. (…)
The Truckers are fond of minor-key songs that start out slow before exploding into banjo fury or mandolin mayhem. These guys can play, and they like to play it fast when the spirit says “fast.”

Seriously, these deutsche troubadours belt out some of the best hillbilly, twang-laden country-folk-rock-surf I’ve heard in years, you would think you were listening to a bunch of virtuosos from Appalachia via Venice Beach. This is Deliverance on steroids! The DTs bring a freshness, edge, and sense of urgency to this music, which sets it apart from your run-of-the-mill modern day, beardo freak-folk act. Many groups of this ilk have a tendency to noodle on, but these tracks are sharp, succinct, and beautifully written.

The Dinosaur Truckers are good throughout their third album, at times even spectacular. Solely by listening to this record I can imagine how they bring things to the boil at their live shows. (…)
So: Check out this album and keep your eyes open for concerts in your area!

Bottom line: The sound of The Dinosaur Truckers on their new, self entitled album is, based on their name, not prehistoric but of elemental force. The speed of their bass, guitar and banjo lines makes you sweat only by listening. Their playing is topped off with their four piece harmony vocals. This album makes you hungry for more.

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