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Die Gefundenen Fressen

Rock, Funk, Hip Hop

Deutschland 10999 Berlin


DGF`s current cast got together during the winter between 2006/07 in Berlin. The name states a play on words, which is hardly transformable into any meaningful word-sense-unit in another language. Nevertheless and independently of language, DGF finds its sense in throwing funk-, rock-, electronic and hiphop-elements, into one bucket with a few gallons of sillieness and bizarre, chirpy lyrics in German and English language.

Kid Kaufkraft aka Dr. Animal is responsible for the rythm section, Bunky Rich aka Mr. Ruffnick plays the e-guitar, Gay Rodeo aka Juleshey takes care of the basssounds and Elvis Pressplay aka Jakoby81 contributes turntablism and keys. 6million, who nowadays goes by the name of Blanko Fiction, beatboxes, sings and speaks with the steady support of Pulp Jürgen (aka DJ Phlegma, the world`s laziest dj).

Die Gefundenen Fressen dropped their first record (selftitled/stielaudio) in winter of 2009. It has eight tracks on it and offers a charming mixture in which electronics hug funk grooves and rock. Check out the blog for more info...Yummy!

 Hilfe-Popup Booking: Oliver Jungnick

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