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Niederlande 7151 DD Amsterdam

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Heineken Dance Stage, 13.00-13.40 hours
These 3 guys form one the most talented rock bands around in The Netherlands at this moment.
Why is that? Well, Dialogue combines the finest musicianship with the ability to write very exciting songs. It`s as simple as that. This band creates a unique funky rock/metal sound of their own influenced by acts like Tool, Living Colour, Faith No More and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Already interested? None of their songs sound the same, yet have been written in the same original way which sets Dialogue apart from a whole lot of other bands around. And, creating a style of your own in 2002 is very difficult as we all know. With fascinating compositions like "Colours In You", "I`ll Wait Outside", "Destitution", "What About Us?" or the outstanding "Drunk At 10 A.M." (what a groovy riff!), singer/guitarist Talie Wijlens, bassplayer Jerry de Mars and drummer/background vocalist Jeffrey Holthaus prove to be ready for a serious record deal.

Bron: http://www.rockezine.com

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