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Dez Mona starts as a duo between double bass player Nicolas Rombouts and vocalist Gregory Frateur. They find themselves in their mutual roots of jazz, drama, experimental and spirituals. The surprising unique experience of their first concert at Recyclart in 2003 convinces them to continue working together. Shortly after Gregory and Nicolas start writing their own songs. Dez Mona is born.

They choose a path of intense playing and create a strong live-reputation in the belgian underground. This results in three concerts at belgium’s most famous concerthall, Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. Dez Mona becomes the first band ever to do this without having published any album. Acclaimed by critics and fans, Dez Mona records its first album “Pursued Sinners” in a church. It is a live duo album with the occasional collaboration of trumpetplayer Sam Vloemans and accordionplayer Roel Van Camp. Nicolas and Gregory continue performing and writing new material where they choose for larger arrangments and more percussive power.

When recording the new album “Moments of Dejection or Despondency” Dez Mona transforms itself from a duo into a quintet. From the jazz barricades Steven Cassiers and Bram Weijters join the band on drums and piano. First partner in crime Roel Van Camp simply can’t be missed and fulfills the new Dez Mona. As a phoenix the quintet will once again set a new personal standard in live performing. Nevertheless Gregory and Nicolas keep on doing smaller, but not less intensive duo performances. Their believe in the live moment where dejection and despondency are changed in hope will never vanish.

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