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Established in Autumn 2002, the band quickly released their first demo “Caution – Will Cause Neck Injury” to international applause and a great reaction from the local scene.

To bring the Devilmakesthree experience to a live audience the band were aided initially by Honey for Christ guitarist Andy Clarke until a full time member was found in Gavin Coulter. With a steady live line up and new material continuously being written, the band supported such bands as Mourning Beloveth, Primordial, Slough Feg, and Decapitated among others.

With a second demo CD released - "Voice of the Undergound", the bands writing showed a growth and maturity uncommon to bands so early in their career. Again this was received to great acclaim throughout the local scene and beyond, and coupled with the bands pro-active nature of gigs, promotion and merchandising, the band were now known throughout the land. As Devilmakesthree nailed their live show, they continued to demo new tracks, some of which were available on download from their website. The quality of these tracks leads to the decision to record and release their first EP independently. Recording began in early August 2004 for the EP which was be titled "Vacuum Tube Rapture". This was abandoned when founding member Marty Robinson left the band to pursue other interests.

This began a long period of sporadic live shows and plenty of internal problems with health and member issues that finally led to drummer Paul Duffy switching to lead guitar, Dave switching to bass and vocals and searching for a new drummer. After a couple of false starts the band found Jay Rogers who is ex Altus Astrum current Vomitous drummer. Once Jay came on board attention was turned to finishing the writing for the new DEVILMAKESTHREE – The Subservient (mcd) that was recorded in Shabby Road Studios, Belfast and showcased a more focused direction. The CD was released on the Infected Wound Records label in March 2009 to critical acclaim from both home and abroad. The cd is available in the UK, Ireland, USA and Germany currently. The band is currently hard at work writing a full length album for release late 2009 early 2010. In the meantime the band is looking forward to support slots with Onslaught and plenty of Irish gigging with plans in the works to hit the UK and further afield later in 2009.

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