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Klezmer (jid.), Jazz
Classical Middle-Eastern Ashkenazi jazz

Israel  Tel Aviv

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"Daniel Hoffman has gracefully engineered an unlikely cultural feat in the celebrated band Davka, merging Eastern European Jewish musical forms with Middle Eastern rhythms and cadences." -Andy Gilbert, San Jose Mercury News

"The wildest, most unhinged drum solos I have ever witnessed...It`s a rock show with pyrotechnic grandeur, just without the rock or the pyrotechnics." -Rob Harvilla, East Bay Express

“Davka`s four musicians whirl their spells with a supple interplay of violin, cello,bassoon and percussion. Their compositions and improvisations, swirling around a center of enlivened klezmer melodies and pulsing Middle Eastern rhythms, weave a dancing, winding path through the diversity of Jewish cultural and historic experience…” -Jerry Karp, SF Chronicle