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Damaged Justice was founded in Wanne Eickel in 1995. Caused by no abilities the band started as a bad version of a Guns’n’Roses/Motörhead Bastard. One year later the band started to create their own sound and a second guitar player named P. Schmidt joined the band. Damaged just got ready to fight for Heavy Metal! Through the year 1996 the first gigs were played, a demo recorded and P. Schmidt got lost on the way, suddenly recognizing the band was playing Metal, not blues.
In 1999 "Bloodred sunrise" was recorded for the "Sounds of 2000" Sampler and at the end of 2000 the "Bloodred Sunrise"-EP got recorded.
Joining the Emergenza Festival the band used their price, one day in a studio, to re-record "Bloodred sunrise".
After a hardrocking year 2002 the first songs for "Unholy fire" got written and recorded in the JKS-Studios. After publishing "Unholy fire" in 2004 Karsten Jäckel joined the band.
2008 didn’t start that good for Damaged Justice, because the Band lost, after Karsten Jäckel in 2007, a good friend and one of the founders. Stefan Grill and the band divided.
Actually a new Leadguitar player is wanted, a new bassplayer has just been announced and the band hopes, prays (and works) to publish the new Album at the end of 2008.
To be continued...

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