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Classic Rock, Funk, Reggae
pop, ska, carribean

Niederlande 1222 JC Hilversum

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CROSSTOWN is a new band from the center of The Netherlands. Five musicians coming from different musical directions joined together to make music that mixes all those different musical influences. Most of them played with each other before or are still playing in bands like Bottom Line, Driving Wheel, The Hillbilly Rebels and Paul Williams & Friends. They play a mix of rock, funk, rock & roll, soul, reggae, caribbean etc. Powerful music with a lot of variety, mainly songs from the seventies and eighties, but they also play music from the sixties. CROSSTOWN plays songs of Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Commodores, Neil Young, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, The Specials, The Doobie Brothers, Inner Circle, Eddie Grant, Wilson Pickett and many others.