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Countless Skies

Melodic Death Metal

England  Hertfordshire

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Countless Skies burst onto the metal scene with their self-titled EP in late 2014. Blending progressive and darkly intense music influenced by their Scandinavian melodeth heroes, the EP received acclaim worldwide and began a flood of shows up and down their native UK with multiple highlights including an invitation to Bloodstock Open Air 2015. Building upon their rapid momentum, the band soon caught the attention of Kolony Records, a deal was signed and the band began work on their debut full length.

‘New Dawn’ was released June 2016 and was praised “as an effortless display of bravado and musicianship in ways that I can’t soundly describe,” by USA’s New Noise Magazine and an impressive debut from the UK’s Metal Hammer. “Countless Skies have what it takes to really blossom in to something original and beautiful... a band with great skill and even greater potential,” stated Zero Tolerance Magazine.

With applause the world over following the release of ‘New Dawn’ the band embarked on a UK tour with Finland’s Whispered, several shorter tours followed throughout 2016/2017 including their first stints abroad including a tour of Ireland and appearances at multiple European festivals including Dark Troll Festival.

With the ‘New Dawn’ cycle coming to an end and energised by the positive reception of their debut Countless Skies have began work on their sophomore album. Another dawn is on the horizon…