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Metal, Metalcore, Death Metal

Österreich 9020 Klagenfurt

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Who are they?

Counterweight – often compared with bands like Heaven Shall Burn and The Sorrow, definitely hard but still grooving and melodic the band defines its own sound between Metalcore and Hardcore.


Live the band strikes with their technical perfect and powerful show that´s not only convincing metal fans:
After more than 50 shows all over Europe the band calls a broad fanbase their own. So it didn´t happen by accident that Counterweight already played as support for Devil Driver, Agnostic Front, Sworn Enemy and at Austrian festivals as the Metalfest, Rock the Lake Festival and the Hell Over Vellach Festival side by side with bands like Caliban and Parkway Drive.


The 2009 debut „Show me the path…“ is going to be displaced by a new kick-ass full length album in 2014. Two music video productions are finished!

Do you want to know MORE?

Listen to Counterweight and convince yourself here:

Music Video "This is War"

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