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Colours of Bubbles

Rock & Roll, Indie-Rock, Pop

Litauen  Šiaulia

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Northern Lithuanian whiskey from COLOURS OF BUBBLES is the unique blend between modern indie sounds with European-styled country feedback. Truly the best kept secret from the music distillery located in remote  North  East European lands. Live, COLOURS OF  BUBBLES offer
1½ hours of true rocknroll adventure.

The six lads have now played together more that 100 concerts all over the Baltic States, also Poland, Holland  and France. Their festival appearances include the largest Baltic rock music festival Positivus in Salacgriva Latvia, and Tallinn Music Week, CoJest Grane in Warsaw  and Vilnius Music Week. The band also contributed music to a reopening of Adam  Rapp’s play Finer Noble Gases at Šiauliai City Drama Theatre.

In 2012, COLOURS OF BUBBLES received the Best Rock Band award at  the Lithuanian alternative awards  T.E.T.E. for the single „Phoenix“, and  have been shortlisted to the national „Grammy‘s“ MAMA in January 2013.

Having released 3 physical and digital EP‘s, COLOURS OF BUBBLES are now finishing their debut album, to be released in Autumn 2013.

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