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March 2005: Founding member Frank Bindig was sick of hearing either the hard punches of bands like Emperor or beautiful melodies and great arrangements by Nightwish. He felt that there must be a way to merge both energies. The idea of forming a band, combining beauty and beast, was born.

In summer 2005 Bindig told his soulmate and guitarist Kay Brauer about his vision, an enthusiastic "okay! Letīs do it!" determined their future. The gaps on vocals were filled by Kathrin Thurmann and Mathias "Matze" Besancon on drums. Officially the band was founded by all four members on December the 21st in 2005, Frankīs 25th birthday, a landmark in his life what aimed him to keep his focus on this band from now on.
The year 2006 was in the sign of several rehearsals and producing demos. In this early stadium everyone realised how mighty this project is, an enormous effort is needed to get forward. Itīs not just rehearsing, playing concerts and so on. The whole music had to be orchestrated. Without orchestration no rehearsals, no rehearsals means no gigs. A fucking circulus vitiosus started and had to be broken...
As if this is not enough, drummer Matze began his career as medic in the army, what meant problems with the schedule. After trying to make the best out of it, Matze and the rest of the band decided to part their ways at the end of 2006.

And then they were three...Without a drummer the band wasnīt able to get into the studio. After some refusals of possible candidates, a friend of Kay knew a relative of drummer Rico Meyer by accident and he knew that he is also searching a band right now. Right after the first rehearsal Kay and Frank were blown away by the little man and his asskicking drumming, they invited him to join the band. Rico said yes, the guys had many beers and the recording process should begin.
The band entered the studio in April 2007. While writing this (Mid of July), only the last verses are recorded and were looking forward to the mixing and mastering process which will be held in Vienna, Austria. As you can hear in our profile the first song is already mixed and gives you a little taste of whatīs coming.
Beside the recordings we are rehearsing OUR ass off to kick YOURS at concerts!

The dark conquest started and we donīt think about to stop in near future...

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