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Circle Of Execution


Schweiz  Monthey

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Circle Of Execution is a Metalcore band based in Monthey, Switzerland. Established in 2006 by 2 guitarists and a drummer (still at school at this time), the band just founds his final and complete line- up in early 2012, following the arrival of a new guitarist.The gang creates a mix of kicking-ass rhythms, melodic choruses, and all of it intertwined with killer breakdowns.The whole medley produces a really powerful live result.The rageful combo`s favorite hobby remains to show what they got and to prove their motivation on stage.They have already played some major shows with international Metal bands like: Betraying The Martyrs (FR), Lacuna Coil (IT), Clawfinger (SWE), Aborted (BEL), Bury Tomorrow (UK), Deez Nuts (AUS) ...In early 2013, the young guys decided to put their music on CD and started to record their first EP by themselves during the year. They finally released Escape the time EP in may 2014.In August 2014, Circle Of Execution has been invited to take part of the European tour from their friends Conjonctive.Early 2015, the band decided to plan their own tour as the headliner in Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia in August.Early 2016, the release of „Failure“ and „Choices“ shows a little taste of what the band prepares for their first album.In 2016, the band slowed down on playing live shows to create new songs for their first album which was released in 2017, recorded at the Conatus Studio...Some months after „Versatile“ was born and following the Basile’s arrival as a new drummer, some new ways are opening for the band: After 4 European tours and around 100 shows played, in early 2018, the guys are selected as finalists for the Wacken Metal Battle and the Greenfield Festival Bandcontest.After some shows during the year, CoE signed a deal with Dorothy Demeester (well known for her job with Sybreed during all their career) and her company Aeon Music Management.Circle and Dorothy started to work on a new album in August 2018 with the well know American producer Kris Norris (Darkest Hour, Scar The Martyr, Shadow Domain, Threat Signal, Vimic,...)and their new offering is due to be released in 2019 following... maybe... the signing of a first record deal.Let’s see what the future