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Charity Children

Folk, Indie Pop

Deutschland 10 Berlin

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Demosong: SoundCloud

The tale of `Charity Children` is not a typical band story - it is a chronicle as genuine, pure and as profoundly heartfelt as the music they produce - one which sees the New Zealand lovers rising in a foreign city where they knew no one, to becoming one of the most celebrated indie-folk bands playing in Berlin today.

Soon after Chloë Lewer and Elliott McKee fell in love making music, they embarked upon a musical odyssey to Germany where their street grown indie-folk very quickly became a Berlin institution - their music enchanting large audiences with their endearing style, raw energy and miraculous vocals.

After 2 years in the German capital and fresh from winning `Best Song` at the Berlin Music Video Awards for their debut single `Elizabeth`, the band release their debut album - ‘The Autumn Came’ - a selection of songs written and performed over their first summer in Berlin, collaborating with some of Berlin`s finest session musicians. Some songs are joyful, some painfully tragic but all heartfelt....

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