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Captain Morgan`s Revenge

Hard Rock

Slowenien  Novo Mesto

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Captain Morgan`s Revenge is a dirty rock`n`roll band based in Novo mesto, Slovenia. The band was established in 2015, of 4 members that are musicly active in other bands for quite some time. Rok Žurga aka. Jim Morgan (Necrotik) on vocals and rhythm guitar, Aljoša "Ozy" Hrastar (Necrotik, ex Condemnatio Cristi, ex Sarcom) on lead guitar and backing vocals, Nejc "Smiley" Godec (Ice on Fire) on bass guitar and Maksim Špelko "Mad Max" (HBWC, Kormorana, Generator, USIL) on drums started this story of pure Rock`n`Roll.

In the end of April 2017 the band had to say goodbye to Aljoša, but in a matter of days Žiga ``Sigi`` Vovko arrived and brought some new Blues Rock tones to the music.

Captain Morgan`s Revenge`s music is pure, raw and sincere. R`n`R based riffs are influenced with southern metal and Balkan vibe. Groovy and powerful beats accompanied by droptuned guitar maddnes will make you even more dirty and moist that you already are.