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Calm Wizardry

Rock, Pop

Deutschland 32105 Bad Salzuflen

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Demosong: MP3

Sinner In The Choir Of The Saints
This Rock/Pop Song contains all major and minor chords the scale gives.
It is the "well tempered piano"-song in popmusic. And you wont hear it, without knowing.
A little contest: If you are able to find out the chords (in the right order, as it is in the song!)- write them to us - we will send you our full album for free!
Now enjoy.
Contact: info@calmworld.de

About the band:
Calm Wizardry was founded in 1989 in a small village in Western Germany in the area of Hannover.
The up to now line-up consisting of Maik Detmers - Drums; Marco Göllner- Voc, Git; Dirk Heidbreder - Bass; Stephan Humke - Piano, Keys, Organ and Carsten Köhler - Git, Voc exist since 1993.
The band made several albums, absolved several gigs - but only in Germany.
Their rock/pop music is mainly inspired by british and american bands of the seventies and of every sound they hear.
For more free music and information join them on http://www.calmworld.de