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Melodic Punk

England  Bolton

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Buzzcocks - a band with a past, present, and future, and a legacy they could never have imagined back in the heady punk rock days of 1976.

30 years later, still going strong, still doing it arguably better than anyone else, the godfathers of punk-pop are back with a new album, flat-pack philosophy, released 6th March, 2006, which was preceded by a new single, wish i never loved you, on 20th February.

flat-pack philosophy is Buzzcocks eighth studio album, but their first for Cooking Vinyl. In true punk rock fashion, and with superlative production by bassist Tony Barber, the album packs 14 songs into 36 minutes. Taking an urban guerilla stance against the evils of the modern world, from Tesco self-service tills to the cult of Ikea, flat-pack philosophy proves that when you put the right creative personalities together, the magic manifests.

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