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Broken Twin

Singer / Songwriter, Klassik, Jazz

Dänemark  Kopenhagen

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Demosong: SoundCloud

Broken Twin is the synonym of a young woman with good stories to tell and a magical way of doing so.

With ease this 24 year old Dane creates sensations that move the listener, taking them through a maze of emotion, nostalgia and even lonesomeness that one cant get out of, while simultaneously unconsciously not wanting to.

In the recording of her EP ”Hold on to Nothing”, she and her former bandmate had teamed up with various known producers, but in the process they found their own sound and decided to produce the four songs fully on their own, at their own pace and with their own hands.

In the final stages of the process Brian Batz from Sleep Party People mixed the ep and added the eerieness he is so well known for.

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