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Break Down A Venue


Deutschland 71638 Ludwigsburg

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"Music is whatever you make it out to be and for us is our shelter "

Post hardcore rockers with female clean vocals BREAK DOWN A VENUE from Stuttgart - Germany formed in 2011 , after a few line up changes the band now is Nyves ( Vocals ) Marco ( Screams ) Constantin ( Lead Guitar/shouts) Toni ( Guit ) Wentelin ( Bass ) and Laci ( Drums ) and that line up brought together Break Down A Venues present sound and image. We all come from different music styles so we thought it might get interesting if we put all these together and so it started. After shows and endless time on songwriting the band deicided in the fall of 2012 to hit the Studio and record their debut Album. Colouring the past was finished in june 2013 and will be released in September same year. This album carries all of our effort,our hard working and all these moments we shared through this time and also a promise for the future sealed by the music itself.

BREAK DOWN A VENUE are planning some shows on september and after that they will shoot their first video clip and are going to record an EP in 2014.

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