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Blues Willy

Blues Rock, Funk, Rhythm`n`Blues

Deutschland 89073 Ulm

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Blues- Willy was born in Ulm/ Germany by the name of Veli Mehmetoglu.
It was about 1970, when the music of Eric Clapton impressed and touched him that strongly, that he himself was driven to take the guitar into his hands and play.
"The way Eric Clapton and Cream played the Blues hit me like a flash at those times, right into the center of my heart!" says Veli.
Blues musicians like Peter Green, John Mayall, Johnny Winter and Billy Gibbons made this sensation stronger again, which was the reason for his decision for this kind of music.
That explanes, why publik and papers always recognize and mark this special passion in Velis playing and singing.
Which means: Veli Mehmetoglu alias Blues Willy does not just play the Blues, but celebrates them
because he loves them!
In several Band Formations he always tries from the beginning again to focus these deep emotions, to "bring them to the point".

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